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Just bare with me a minute while I brag about a recent photography competition that I entered and won first place in. I’ve been an Award Winning Photographer before, but it always feels good to be recognized by my esteemed colleagues and prestigious judges. I was thrilled to find out that the photo I entered into an international photography competition run by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers took first place in the “Baby” category. This is a family I’ve been photographing for a few years and for this particular shoot they asked for me to come to their home. This image was taken in the baby’s nursery. The nursery is small, so we cleared all of the toys out of the way except for these adorable stuffed animals she had on one of the bookshelves. My daughter was there assisting with the session as she regularly does on the weekends, and I have to credit her for setting up the stuffed animals.

I intended to get the baby of the baby and the back of her head, but ended up with the gorgeous profile shot which I like even better. Since I’ve posted this shot on my website I’ve gotten numerous requests for it. Since it was shot on location in a clients home with their toys I’m unable to recreate it so this will have to live on as an original.

award winning photographer

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