Baby & Child preparation for the photo shoot

The Photo Session

For photo sessions in your home, I will arrive a few minutes early so that I can set up my equipment for the photo shoot (if needed). I ask that I be given the space to focus on getting every thing put together quickly so that I can move on to photographing your child. I’d like to then touch base with you again on any ideas or vision you had for the session. Then the focus will turn to getting to know your child.

I want the children to be comfortable with me and, depending on their age, I may crack some jokes or act silly. In no time those genuine smiles will be shining and we can proceed with the session.

Getting to Know You

As a mother, I know my child can be shy around new people. I always respect a child’s personal space and gently work on getting them to open up to my camera and I. First you’ll see me get down on their level and introduce myself. If they are old enough, I will ask them their name and ask them to pick out a special name for my camera. Kids love this! If we are in your home, I will ask them to show me their special toys. If we are outdoors, I will lead them to interesting locations and watch them explore.

Older Children

For children around three or four and up, sometimes I ask for a bit of space while doing their photo shoot. Why? Often times a child feels the need to perform in front of a parent, and that often means un-natural smiles and expressions. I want to present to you images of your child that are natural and real and so I ask for space. Now, keep in mind I will let your child be our guide. If he or she starts to fuss, you will be quickly asked to come back until they are comfortable. I want you to be comfortable too!

When I say “space” I usually mean a few feet, but always have your child and me within view.

Food Considerations

A full tummy helps keep babies and children happy and satisfied during their portrait session, but please be careful of what foods they eat before their session. Carrots and sweet potatoes are a sweet treat for baby, but can sometimes leave an orange tint on baby’s skin. This tint may not always be noticeable to the human eye, but the camera’s lens can pick up on such skin discoloration. Also, if you feed your baby lots of orange foods, their skin may give off an orange glow around the nose and mouth, but unlike food, this cannot be wiped away.

If your child has a cold, please be sure to wipe your child’s nose and mouth thoroughly, because again, the camera may pick up what eyes may not notice.

Feeling Under the Weather

If your child is sick or feeling under the weather, kindly call me to reschedule the photo shoot. I’m a mother myself, and I understand that sometimes children get sick. I want your child to enjoy the photo session, and a sick child may not feel like having his or her portraits taken. I would appreciate if you could call to reschedule as soon as it’s apparent he or she is ill. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

No need to fret when your child gets a small boo-boo on his or her face days before the photo session. Minor re-touching is included in Stephanie Anders Photography’s print prices.

Safety First

Safety is extremely important to me and while I take all precautions with my photographic equipment, please keep watch of your little ones around my lighting, backdrops, etc. I appreciate the playful nature that children possess; however, playing with my equipment is not permitted due to safety and cost reasons. Thank you!

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