Capturing life’s special moments

I love capturing life’s special moments and making them timeless. Recently, I had the opportunity to do just that with my son Owen, who just turned 16. We headed to the Wynwood Walls in Miami on a quiet Saturday morning for a photoshoot, and what a beautiful backdrop it was!

Owen wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of a photoshoot, but I had a trick up my sleeve. I bribed him with a brand new pair of sneakers, and suddenly, he was all in! We had a blast taking photos, laughing, and just being in the moment together. I was able to capture Owen’s personality and that special bond we have.

These photos are so much more than just images on a screen, they are memories that will last a lifetime. I know the importance of capturing life’s special moments and preserving them for years to come. It’s so easy for time to slip away, and before you know it, your children have grown up and moved on to the next phase of their lives. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to do a professional photoshoot while they’re still teenagers.

My photoshoot with Owen is a beautiful reminder of just how fast time flies. These photos will always be a source of comfort and joy, bringing back memories of that quiet Saturday morning in Miami and the bond we share. It’s a gift, and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I encourage everyone to capture at least one professional photoshoot while their kids are still teenagers. It’s an investment in memories that will last a lifetime, and a way to preserve the bond between parent and child. So, put down the phone, step away from the selfie camera, and let me capture the beauty of your family. Contact me through this link to capture your life’s special moments:

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