Award Winning Coral Gables Photography

Coral Gables Photography Museum Competition

I am thrilled to be able to add “Award Winning Photographer” to my list of accomplishments. Earlier this year I entered a photo of mine into the Museum of Coral Gables photography competition. There were different categories to enter and I entered mine into the Landscape category. A few months later I was excited to receive the news that my photo had been chosen to be hung on the walls for their exhibit. On the opening night of the exhibit, I walked into the museum and there it was. This is the first time my work has been hung in a public place so I was tickled pink to see it up on the walls of the museum amongst many other beautiful works of art. Another interesting tidbit of information is that my husband was one of the architects to work on the design of the museum so this had extra meaning for our family.

The voting was open to the public, and was also judged by a well known panel of judges. The closing ceremonies was a daytime event so I decided to make it a family affair. I brought my children and husband and we waited patiently while all the categories and winners were announced. As my category was one of the last to be announced, I started getting worried. Not because I wanted to win, but I did not want to disappoint my children. I started to second guess bringing them along, but it was to late to change my mind. They finally got to my category and started to read the names of all of the entries. Why did it seem like there were more entries in my group then all of the others! “Oh no” I thought, I have no chance. And then all of a sudden, they read my name as the winner. Wait, what?!?! And there was my family standing up, kissing me and high fiving. I gratefully accepted the award and prizes and shook everyone’s hand.

I realized after of course that even if I hadn’t won, I would have been happy to have my family there for support. My kids are proud of me either way and I love that they enjoyed just being there honoring their mother. Unfortunately I did not get any good pictures to share (go figure!), but here’s the winning photo and me at the opening reception of the Coral Gables photography competition.

coral gables photography

coral gables photography

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