Miami Family Chasing Rainbows

Something magical happened at this photo shoot. Mother nature graced us with her beauty once again by providing a double rainbow as the backdrop for their photos. On my drive to meet this family, I thought we were going to have to postpose the session because the sky was so dark and stormy looking. Even as I parked I saw the raindrops and thought this shoot was over before it even started. Thankfully mom was game to give it a try and we ventured to the beach with an umbrella.

The first blessing of the evening was that the light rain kept the crowds away from South Beach. We virtually had it to ourselves. And then the magic begun. As the rain let up a rainbow appeared that spanned the entire sky. We could see end to end as it disappeared into the ocean (probably with a pot of gold). Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better it turned into a double rainbow. Wow. Just Wow.  This Miami family chasing rainbows was a beautiful sight to behold. A magical session indeed.Miami Family Rainbow

Miami Family RainbowMiami Family RainbowMiami Family RainbowMiami Family RainbowMiami Family RainbowMiami Family Rainbow

Miami Family Rainbow

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