Miami Sitter Sessions

Did you know Miami sitter sessions are my favorite sessions to photograph? What’s a “sitter session” you ask? Well let me explain…. I’m not sure who coined the phrase “sitter session”, but in the photography industry it means a baby that can sit unassisted and is not yet mobile. This stage is very fleeting! Most babies reach this milestone around at around 6 months, some sooner and some later. The great part is that they are not mobile! So there’s no chasing the child around the studio or park. Wherever you put them, they stay. It also opens up a lot of opportunities for photographing them. I’ve got tons of cute chairs and props to use for their session in the studio. You’re just in charge of wardrobe and stuffed animals if you choose to bring them.

For this Miami sitter sessions, mom also wanted to be included for a photo so we got a stunning image of just her and her baby at the end. Aren’t they gorgeous! I have this gown in stock at the studio so if this is the look you want, you are more then welcome to borrow this dress for use in studio at no cost. You can find more beautiful and unique gowns here:

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