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I rarely get calls for quince photos, but when I picked up the phone and had a mom tell me she wanted modern quince photos in Miami I was all ears. A little background on me; I am not from Miami (I’m from New York), and never heard of a quince celebration or quince photography until I moved here 14 years ago. As I’ve developed my portrait portfolio over the years, I never felt a connection to the traditional quince look with the big gowns and tiara’s, so I never advertised that style of session with my studio. I have though, photographed plenty of older children, teenagers and high school seniors and this mother liked my style. She had a daughter that was 15 and they wanted to go to the Wynwood walls for her “quince” or “15’s” photos.

We had a great time picking our favorite and most colorful walls. The options in Wynwood are endless. She switched it up between an elegant black dress and a casual shirt and shorts look. We even got a great family shot with their outfits coordinating to the wall they were standing in front of. Mom loved it so much she picked that one for the big canvas.

So needless to say I’d love to do your child’s modern quince photos. Just send me an email for details:

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