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A little planning for your family portraits can pay off

Family photo shoots are a lot of fun.  I personally like them to be relaxing and candid.  I get my best family portraits when my clients just have fun, and let me do all the work.  The only preparation I ask clients to think about is what they want to wear to the photo shoot.

My general advice on this topic is to keep it simple.  Simple clothing allows the lens to focus on people, and not the clothes they’re wearing.  Simple clothing also makes for timeless photos.

Try to avoid colors that conflict with each other.  Mom may have a fabulous designer dress in the latest neon hue, but if it clashes with baby’s perfectly pressed romper, you might have some serious photo regrets.  Be sure to also stay away from busy patterns and logos.  Printed words on clothing should also be avoided. While some people choose to go out and buy new outfits for their session, you could probably pull together a well styled family from outfits in your closet.

I personally think jeans, overalls, sundresses, slip dresses, and khakis are all classic and photograph well.  For more advice on what to wear to your family portraits, be sure to visit my Pinterest board.

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Below is a collage of portraits I’ve done of families with different styles.

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