Maternity Photoshoot with Pets

I get asked quite often about doing a maternity photoshoot with pets. The answer is “YES”! I am a dog lover myself. I would be happy to include your fur baby in the photoshoot. Whether it is in the studio or outside on location, your pet is welcome to be part of the action. Keep in mind that some locations don’t allow pets. If including them is a priority, we would need to discuss the best places that are dog friendly.

This lovely couple brought their dog Clifford for their maternity photoshoot with Pets. He did great! I would suggest bringing a few treats for your dog. It is also a good idea to bring an extra person to hold the leash. When your pet is not in front of my lens, the extra person can play with them and keep them occupied so you don’t have to worry. Clifford was so happy just to be included. He posed for us beautifully! He was a very good boy 🙂

A few of those wardrobe looks she brought herself. I do not have the burgundy top, black one should bra, or the Calvin Klein bra and jeans. The Calvin Klein look has been very popular lately, to get yours, click here: Calvin Klein bra

If you’d like to schedule a photoshoot with your family (including your pets) please click this link to get in touch:

maternity in window light
couples maternity
maternity silhouette
maternity photoshoot in studio
Maternity Photoshoot with Pets
Maternity Photoshoot with Pets
Maternity Photoshoot with Pets

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