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Well this post is long overdue! I finally got my family out to the beach for a photoshoot. It was a comedy of errors trying to pull it off though. Being a Miami family beach photographer, I decided to bring my tripod and a remote trigger so that I could set up the camera and take the photos myself. Well things didn’t go as planned. The trigger (a remote control for my camera) decided not to work. I tested it the day before and it was perfect, but for some reason it just wouldn’t connect to my camera. So the only way to get any family photos was to use the self timer which gave me 10 seconds to push the button and run into the frame to get the shot. Unfortunately my dress was super long (I didn’t have time to get it hemmed), so I kept tripping and falling. Thankfully, after a number of photos with me half in the shot and half out, I was finally able to get the hang of it and get some cute photos. I did get quite the workout running back and for though! And we drew a bit of a crowd watching and laughing at my efforts.

I love being a Miami family beach photographer and feel blessed that I’m able to take photos at the beach year round. I get tons of out of towners looking to book a shoot so contact me in advance to check my availability. This is my favorite spot for a photoshoot: South Pointe Park

If you’d like to book your family photoshoot at Miami Beach, please click here to get in touch: Contact

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