Family Photographer – Chasing Twins Through Miami’s Vizcaya

Another great family photoshoot at Vizcaya

Family photographers love Vizcaya Museum & Gardens for it’s picturesque scenery, but actually getting a good shot can be challenging.   Being a natural light photographer I try to take most of my outdoor photos around sunrise or sunset to get the best light, but Vizcaya is closed during those times. I still love this location and suggest it as one of my top spots for family photos, but the sun can be a problem at times so I have to be extra careful when I’m on the grounds to choose the perfect spot.

This family photoshoot took place while it was still blazing hot outside, and I am incredibly impressed with how my clients withstood the heat and humidity.  The 1.5 year old twins posed perfectly for the top family photo, and then they were on the run for the next 2 hours.  Thank goodness we went with the group shot first!  Ok, maybe the sun, heat and sprinting toddlers made my job a little more challenging, but it was all worth it in the end…we ended up with some fantastic candid family photos.  Mom and dad couldn’t believe how many great shots we ended up with. They also decided they’re going to book 2 year photos in advance to take place in February when it’s not so hot.  I can see the appeal of a photoshoot during the cooler months.

 I’m a year-round family photographer, but I always encourage my clients to book in advance to secure their photoshoots during the beautiful South Florida winter months.

To inquire about family portraits, email me at or visit my family portraits gallery for more information.  

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