Newborn Photography in Miami – I Always Put Safety First

Newborn Photography Behind the Lens

Those of you that follow my blog regularly know that I am passionate about safety with newborn photography. Last week was the national “newborn safety week” and I meant to publish this blog then, but I’ve been super busy!  I have taken classes on newborn posing techniques for safety and I never take any shortcuts.   I’ve been photographing newborns in Miami for 4.5 years and am a mom myself, so I prefer to take all the risk out of newborn photography.

For those of you who are considering newborn photography, please be sure and read this post.  I often hear about people getting started in this line of business who try to recreate images like the ones below, without knowing the proper ways to pose safely. 

The newborn photoshoot below was an in-home session in Palmetto Bay, Florida.   Mom and dad had a great backyard so we used it for most of the shoot.  The first two images below are the after shot and the behind-the-scenes shot.  In the second photo, you can see how we improvised to diffuse the harsh light.  You’ll notice that mom’s hand is supporting baby’s neck so her safety is never in question.

The third and fourth images are the after shot and behind-the-scenes shot in a different pose.  Again you’ll notice dad’s hand behind baby’s neck to keep her safe.  With newborn photography, you never want the baby to be alone and in a position where he/she could get startled and fall.

The couple ended up loving the images and ordered a canvas of  their daughter in the driftwood bowl.  It will look incredible with all the wood and natural elements in their house!  I can’t wait to see them again.  Their package came with a complimentary future session, so I will be counting down the days!

Email me at to book a newborn photoshoot, or check out my newborn photography gallery for more information.

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