This miami newborn photography session was with a snuggly one week old newborn baby

I could take newborn photos all day long and never tire of it. Babies make me smile.

Sweet little snuggly babies like this one make me absolutely love my job as a professional photographer. I feel very honored and lucky to shoot newborn photos, and a lot of them!  This little cutie was one week old and slept through the entire photo shoot while I sculpted and molded him into cuddly perfection.

I was really excited to meet this little guy since I photographed his mom during her pregnancy not too long ago.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from this newborn photo shoot.

five day old newborn with furry blanket

These images were taken at my studio in Miami. The furry shag blanket used in the first photo was brought by the parents. It was so soft this baby had no problem being at ease, which worked perfect. Believe it or not – this photo was shot with only natural lighting.

newborn baby with crossed arms on blue blanket

If you have a cherished family item or knitted blanket from grandma, or anything you would like to incorporate into your photography let me know ahead of time. I am sure we can use it to help create an exciting photo gallery of memories for the whole family.

newborn in a basket on wood floor

P.S. Time travels very quickly during pregnancy. Schedule your newborn photo shoot today, then relax. Once a photo shoot is scheduled –  you don’t have to worry. The baby is born, and I am there ready to shoot within the first two-weeks.

Contact me today at to set up a customized photo shoot for your newborn.

newborn five days old closeup

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