Newborn Photos in Miami Beach – Twin Baby Girls

Newborn Photos & Twins – My Favorite Combo!

I love being a photographer, and I love taking newborn photos, but I particularly LOVE taking newborn photos of twins!  These sweet baby girls were just gorgeous and snuggly.  I didn’t want the shoot to end!

I went out to my client’s home in Miami Beach instead of taking newborn photos in my studio.  This is always an option I offer to new parents because of the timing around newborn photography.

I recommend newborn photos be taken within 10 days of birth for a couple of reasons.  First, babies will still retain some of the natural curl from being in mom’s tummy.  Second, they are also more sleepy and pliable (which translates to adorable photos).  And Third, they just look so small in dad’s arms, and so sweet and cuddly curled up in Mom’s neck.  While the timing might be perfect for newborn pictures, it’s not always optimal for Mom and Dad, so I offer them the option of taking their photos at home.  Please visit my website for more information on in-home newborn photos.

A day or so after the shoot was over, a crazy coincidence happened.  I got a call from someone wanting to buy a gift for a session for twins that were just born.  It turned out to be the same twins I just photographed!  They decided to buy a print credit for the couple, which ended up being the perfect gift!  The couple had so many great shots to choose from.  I posted some of my favorites below.

For more information on newborn photos, or to schedule a newborn photography session, please email me at

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