Maternity Photography – Gorgeous Miami Sunrise

Maternity Photography at Sunrise

There is something about maternity photography on the beach that gives incredible images.  I advise my clients to choose sunset or sunrise appointments when they can, because the light can be insanely gorgeous.  Add in the beauty of Miami’s beaches and waterfront, and you set yourself up for amazing shots.

In this particular maternity photography shoot, the light was spectacular.  We caught the morning sun at the perfect time with brightly colored sun flares.

I just love the silhouette of the baby bump against the water and beautiful sky.  We had some company toward the end of the shoot – a little seagull decided to make an appearance.  It took its time making its way across the water and I started firing my camera while we waited for him to exit.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I ended up taking one of my favorite shots!

I can’t wait to see this stunning mom-to-be again later this month for newborn photos!  As a reminder, newborns should be photographed within 10 days of birth, and maternity at 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.

To schedule a maternity photo shoot, please email me at or visit my maternity photography gallery for more information.

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