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As a photographer, there’s nothing more special to me than capturing the innocence and beauty of a newborn baby. Stephanie Anders Infant Photography recently had the privilege of working with a one-week-old baby girl for a photo session. I have to say, she was simply a dream to photograph.

From the moment I arrived she arrived at the studio, I could tell this little one was going to be a sleepy and cooperative subject. Throughout the session, she stayed sound asleep. This allowed me to create multiple setups and poses without any fuss. It was truly a photographer’s dream come true!

As a specialist in Infant Photography, I always strive to create images that not only showcase the beauty and innocence of newborns, but also tell their unique story. With this little one, I was able to capture a range of images. From peaceful sleeping poses to sweet, snuggly moments with her parents.

A newborn girl photoshoot in Miami

One of my favorite moments from the session was when the baby’s mother placed her gently in a beautiful bowl, surrounded by soft, fluffy pink blankets. The scene was so serene and peaceful, and the baby’s tiny features were simply mesmerizing. She even gave us a smile! I snapped several frames in this setup and I know the images will be treasured by the family for years to come.

Another highlight of the session was when the baby’s mother joined in for a series of portraits with her daughter. The love and adoration on her face was palpable and made for some truly touching and emotional images. I always find it so special when I get to capture these intimate family moments and freeze them in time for the parents to look back on and cherish forever.

Overall, it was a truly wonderful experience to work with this sleepy and cooperative one-week-old baby girl. As a Stephanie Anders Infant Photography specialist, I am always grateful for the opportunity to capture these fleeting moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what other beautiful memories I’ll create in future newborn photography sessions.

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