Capturing Precious Milestones

A One Year Cake Smash Photoshoot

Capturing precious milestones is what Stephanie Anders Photography is all about. I was thrilled to be able to do just that with this one year old baby girl. She was not just adorable, but also incredibly active, which made the photoshoot a challenge but also incredibly fun.

As a photographer, it’s always such a joy to capture the energy and spirit of young children, and this little girl was no exception. She was full of life and her laughter and smile lit up the room. Her infectious personality made it hard to keep her in one place, but the results were well worth it.

One of the highlights of the photoshoot was when we played the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”. The little girl loved the song and began clapping along, which made for some truly magical moments. The photos of her clapping are some of my favorites from the shoot. They perfectly capture her joy and innocence, and I know her parents will cherish them for years to come.

Despite the challenges of working with such an active subject, the end result was truly beautiful. The photos of the one year old girl showcase her beauty, energy, and playful spirit. They truly capture the essence of childhood and the precious milestones of growing up. These are memories that her parents will hold close to their hearts forever, and I feel honored to have been a part of capturing them.

Capturing precious Milestones with Stephanie Anders Photography

In conclusion, the photoshoot with this one year old baby girl was a truly unforgettable experience. Capturing precious milestones like this is what Stephanie Anders Photography is all about, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. I can’t wait for my next chance to create more beautiful memories for families like this one. Click this link and fill out the form to get in touch:

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