Newborn Portrait

As a newborn portrait photographer, capturing the essence of a brand new life is a rewarding experiences for me. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a very sleepy newborn baby, and the results were stunning.

The baby was just a few days old, and she was so peaceful and serene as she slept. As I set up, I took the time to appreciate her tiny fingers and toes. I loved her delicate features, and the incredible trust her parents had placed in me to capture this fleeting moment.

Once I had everything in place, I gently placed the baby in sweet little poses. I carefully adjusted her position to ensure her safety and comfort for the newborn portrait. The basket was lined with soft blankets, which added to the cozy, comfortable feeling of the image.

I experimented with a variety of angles, focusing on capturing the delicate details of the baby’s face, hands, and feet. I played with different lighting setups, using natural light and studio lights to create soft shadows and highlights.

Color Usage in Newborn Photography

To add an extra touch of sweetness to the newborn portrait, I decided to use pinks, greens, and purple hues. These colors are perfect for newborn portraits, as they are gentle, calming, and feminine. The soft pink tones added a hint of warmth. While the green and purple hues gave the image a dreamy, ethereal feel.

The end result was beautiful newborn portraits that perfectly captured the essence of this sweet baby. Looking at the images, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and awe at the miracle of new life. I was grateful to have been able to freeze this moment in time for the family to cherish forever.

Newborn portrait photography is a beautiful way to capture the delicate details and fleeting moments of a brand new life. By using props like baskets and blankets and experimenting with different lighting setups, I can create stunning newborn portraits that will be treasured for years to come.

Booking Newborn Portraits

If you are pregnant, contact me before the baby is born to secure a spot on my calendar. If you’ve already had the baby, don’t worry, I try to leave room in my calendar for last minute bookings. To inquire, click this link and fill out the form:

newborn portrait
Newborn portrait

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