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Give a Gift Certificate for Newborn Photography in Miami

If you ever find yourself searching for the perfect gift for an expectant mom, think about a gift certificate for a newborn photography session with me in Miami.  I always tell people it is the best gift because it is one of the only keepsakes the couple will have from this time.  The strollers and crib all go away but the pictures are forever.  Email me at for more information or purchase your photography gift certificate now by clicking this link.

The newborn photography shoot with sweet little Cassandra (photos below) was a gift from the couple’s family.  Mom and Dad were in Miami from overseas and an aunt bought a gift certificate so they could capture the first days of her life.  She was one of the sleepiest babies I’ve ever had.  I’m not even sure I saw her open her eyes once during the session!  Needless to say, the session was smooth as could be and baby Cassandra just looks adorable in her newborn photos.

To book a newborn photography shoot in Miami with me, or to find out more about gift certificates, email me at

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