Newborn photos – indoor or outdoor?

Why choose when you can have both?

The beauty of living in Miami is that you can take indoor and outdoor newborn photos year-round.   I’m lucky enough to have lush, green outdoor space right outside my studio, so I offer clients both options at no extra charge.  It is wonderful to be able to do this because the two settings make for very different newborn photos.  Indoor photos are taken in my studio with natural light and a wide variety of backdrops and wraps.  Outdoor photos, on the other hand, use the natural environment as a backdrop.  Take a look at the images below and see how the first three images differ from the last one.

I always recommend that my clients allow for a few outdoor photos at the end of their newborn photo shoot, weather permitting of course.

Click here to see more newborn photos from my portfolio.

This little cutie in the photos below certainly enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor photos.  He was such an easy baby, and he even smiled in a few of his photos.  I was lucky enough to photograph his big sister roughly a year ago.  Clearly mom and dad have their hands full with two little ones so close in age, but both were calm as could be, which made for a wonderfully smooth shoot!

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